Always Working

Hey! I've been making stuff online since 1995.

In 2001 I started Buzzgrinder, a music blog that was approached by an un-named company for acquisition which I'm quite happy I said no to. We did a ton of interviews, did some stuff at SXSW, and started a video show called "Scene Points."

In 2006 I worked for AOL Music a bit, then helped sites grow their audience outside of their "walled garden."

In 2007 I worked for Field & Stream Magazine as a web producer, where I built blogs, moved magazine content to the web, and did photo and video editing. The "Gun Nut" blog got... ummm... featured on the Colbert Report.

Rejoined AOL at the start of 2008, and helped launch Urlesque (RIP, 2011). Joined AOL Music later in the year.

In 2009 I launched Noisecreep for AOL Music. Built an amazing staff, started a great video interview series (which are all gone, sigh), set up amazing features, and led all social media efforts.

In 2011 I left AOL Music (RIP, 2013) and started Skull Toaster, a massive experiment in audience building, community management, social media, video production, email marketing, and writing.

In 2013 worked as Managing Editor at Helped grow Twitter traffic from 100 clicks to 1000 clicks in one month. Wee!

Webmaster and prepping reports for Atom Splitter PR since 2013.

In 2014 started working with Solid Mfg., where I helped re-write site copy to make things clearer for new and existing clients, dug into Google Analytics, tweaked SEO for better organic search results, set-up and optimized Google and Facebook ads, and started regular email marketing campaigns.

Been working with Artists & Fleas since 2014 helping with building, managing, and maintaining their email marketing.

Webmaster for Adrenaline PR since 2014.

In 2015 I co-founded the Workbench Podcast, where we talk about working smarter.